Monday, April 24, 2023

new website launches

Received a press release from Carina.

I am pleased to present it here.

Canada needs more astronomy!

Former SkyNews editor launches new website for Canada’s amateur astronomy community.


Astronomy by Night is a new Canadian website covering astronomy news, stargazing, astrophotography, gear and tech, and more.

MONTRÉAL, QC, April 24, 2023 - Astronomy by Night is announcing the official launch of its new Canadian website ( for the amateur astronomy community in Canada. The project was created by former SkyNews editor Carina Ockedahl as a result of the closure of the long-time publication.

Astronomy by Night web site

Astronomy by Night is a website that caters to the amateur astronomy community in Canada. It offers news, features, astrophotography and observing articles, gear and tech reviews, profiles, columns, videos, podcasts, and more.  

“With Astronomy by Night, we aim to cover everything from the night sky to the latest news and discoveries from space, along with Canada’s growing involvement in the industry,” said Carina Ockedahl, founder and editor of Astronomy by Night. “We will be providing information for people that are new to astronomy, while also catering to amateur astronomers and astrophotographers.”

Some of the website’s contributors include former SkyNews writers Alan Dyer and Chris Vaughan, and former SkyNews photo judge Dan Kusz, who will be reviewing Astronomy by Night’s weekly photo submissions. Charles Ennis, president of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC), will contribute a regular column on world asterisms.

Ockedahl has also reached out to astronomy researchers and professors across Canada to ensure their work is also covered on the website. And several collaborations are in the works.

Astronomy by Night collaborated with Simulation Curriculum (SkySafari), the Actual Astronomy podcast, Heavens-Above, and Clayton’s Exploration Station — the last of which will see family-friendly astronomy-related videos appear on the website.

For the Québec market, there are plans to include French audio recordings of certain English language articles, along with a voice from the province to create a well-rounded team. This is all part of phase one.

“The success of this website will depend largely on how well it is received by our readers,” said Ockedahl. “It is a project that we are testing — one that was infused with passion and an incredible amount of support from volunteers, contributors, and some suppliers, manufacturers, and collaborators. Without their support, Astronomy by Night would not be possible.”

For further information, please visit the website at


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