Saturday, April 01, 2023

made almanac for April

Launched COELIX APEX on John Starbird and took screen snaps.

Let's all settle down after the media hullabaloo about a big planetary alignment...

Here's the graph for April only. For my home but applicable to much of south-western Ontario.

graphic almanac for April

I did not create or add a legend.

The planets are shown with lines in the following colours:

  • grey - Mercury
  • white - Venus
  • orange - Mars
  • yellow - Jupiter
  • green - Saturn
  • aquamarine - Uranus
  • dark blue - Neptune


  • light blue - midnight

And here's the list of notable events.

events for Apr 2023

A few additional observations:

  • after the maximum elongation in the west, speedy Mercury appears in the dawn sky at the end of April
  • Venus blazes high up in the west
  • Mars, early in the month, is a late-night target but draws close to midnight by the end of April
  • mid-month Jupiter transitions to the morning 
  • Saturn emerges in the morning
  • Neptune is low in the dawn sky all month

And finally, we're in the steep part of the hourglass. The nights are getting shortly, rapidly!

There you have it. 


Later, I pulled the "phenomena" report. Each entry starts with date.

  • 11 - close encounter between Venus and the Pleiades (2.6°)
  • 22 - meteor shower, Lyrids (18 meteors/hour at zenith; duration = 9.0 days), near the new Moon phase!
  • 26 - close encounter between the Moon and Mars (2.6°)
  • 30 - comet C/2021 Y1 ATLAS at its perihelion (dist. to the Sun = 2.033 AU; magn. = 12.1)

Now I've got a decent list of events for April...

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