Monday, April 03, 2023

learned Hansen was selected

Heard the great news.

The next Artemis crew was announced by NASA today. I heard this via a Global News TV spot on YouTube.

Jeremy Hansen was named! Woo hoo.

Koch, Glover, Wiseman, and Hansen

Hansen with Glover, Wiseman, and Koch will participate in the Artemis II mission which will be the first crewed mission with the SLS system. They will orbit the Moon and conduct a battery of tests. The next stage in the Artemis series.

He will be the first Canadian to orbit the Moon.

Hansen was selected as an astronaut for the Canadian Space Agency about 14 years ago. He is a patient man.

He was born just outside London, Ontario. He went to high school in Ingersoll.


There is a press release on the CSA web site.

Found a video at the NASA site.


Stephen Colbert had the astronauts on The Late Show for a very funny interview.

Part two of the Colbert interview.

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