Monday, August 15, 2022

imaged 70 Oph for 2022 (Halifax)

With the BGO, imaged the fast-moving double star 70 Ophiuchi aka Σ2272. 88-year orbit. 

A little late.

It's best around June but I forgot. Lots on my mind.

binary star 70 Oph in luminance

Special Observation method. North is up, east is left. LUM, 0.5 seconds, 12 exposures stacked. FITS Liberator and GIMP. 

Once again aimed at GSC 00434 02340. No Moon around. The pair to the bottom-right.  

Annual image log:

2016 Aug
2017 Jul
2018 May
2019 May
2020 May
2021 May
2022 Aug < you are here
2023 May

Seven years, wow.


Funny. Melody and I were talking about this binary today...

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