Monday, August 15, 2022

shared SkyTools shortcuts

Read a thread on the Skyhound forums about how the Enter key no longer worked in SkyTools 4 for selecting or tagging items in an observing list.

A fellow user shared that one should use the "s" key instead. And pointed out it was not documented in the help system for the software.

I provided a link to my complete shortcut listing.


Back in February, in a different channel, I had noted this change in the application. Greg indicated he had to change it as he wanted the Enter key for something different when in Real Time Mode.


Member ledge1962 thanked me for sharing by listing for mouse and keyboard shortcuts. "Nice work." You're welcome.


Steve E from Lafayette sent a private email.

Your labor of love and geekdom is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the tip of the beanie!

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