Tuesday, July 05, 2022

viewed his galaxy

Chris V shared a TIF file with me.

The result of his first imaging run with the BGO.

Galaxy NGC 7814, aka Caldwell 43. One of the Herschel 400.


He said, in the cover note, "My first BGO image, processed with FITS 4.0, thanks to your Journal story."

Ah, shucks. 

Glad he was able to make good use of FITS Liberator.


See the online results page for the small JPG.


In a follow-up text, I said, "That's an interesting galaxy."

He replied, "Third brightest in Pegasus. I compared my result to your lumpydarkness image."

Huh? I shot it before?!


So I did. Totally forgot about that. Imaged on 9 Jan '20

He got much better SNR than I did!

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