Tuesday, July 19, 2022

downloaded August Journal

Received the notification that the August 2022 Journal of the RASC was available.

I downloaded my copy.

cover of the August Journal
The cover features a fascinating star-less image of the Elephant Trunk nebula by Shawn Neilson. Dave Dev has another excellent image showcased in this issue. Kersti Meema shares a star trails image. There are many other compelling astrophotographs.

There's a short piece on the CHIME observatory.

John Percy talks about the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram which I look forward to reading.

There's an article on the late Rudolph Dorner, the benefactor of the RASC telescope museum.

In my Binary Universe column, I discuss Sequator version 1.6.0, an image stacking program which is fast and easy to use. It supports camera raw files and can freeze the ground or landscape across multiple frames.

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