Friday, July 01, 2022

new FOV screen

Stumbled across a new version of Stellarium Mobile. 

Version 1.9.3 has a reworked screen for fields of view. Yes!

new Fields of View panel

They give you a Telrad, 1 degree circle, rectangle, a reticule (just a cross-hair), a binoculars icon, a telescope icon, and an Add button.

Go nuts. You can add as many as you need.

(I think there's more to this but overall a very welcome change. Previously, you were limited to one configuration so were constantly replacing a old one with a new.)


I shared the news on the Stellarium Training Series Google classroom.


Also note the main menu was reworked. A minor change in this version is the shift of the Locations command to the Settings meeting. Looks like they are trying to get the main menu short.


Sadly, we are still limited to one at a time...

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