Friday, May 13, 2022

AIR day 5 - item 1

The following is a blog post from the Astronomer-In-Residence (AIR) web site, reproduced here. Text and images used with permission.

Day 5 blog entry.

Fri 13 May ‘22: ISS Flyover Attempt

Using I knew there was to be a bright flyover of the International Space Station. It would reach a maximum altitude of 87°, i.e. right overhead. It was to start at azimuth or compass bearing 156° (SSE). It would reach a maximum brightness of magnitude -3.9.

Set up my DSLR with Rokinon fisheye 8mm lens on the tripod and attached an intervalometer. Aimed north-west. Programmed the intervalometer for 10 second exposures with a 3 second gap to run continuously.

This is one shot from that run.

International Space Station over Killarney

Canon 40D, 8mm, 10 seconds, ISO 800, f/5.6, captured at 11:33 PM.

I did some “light painting” inside the Kchi Waasa Debaabing dome with a red flashlight pointing up. The glow at the top-left if the Moon trying to photo-bomb this shot.

The Astronomer-In-Residence program is coordinated by the Allan I Carswell Observatory (AICO) at York University with the Killarney Provincial Park Observatory (KPPO).

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