Sunday, May 29, 2022

AIR day 21 (heading home)

The following is a blog post from the Astronomer-In-Residence (AIR) web site, reproduced here. Text and images used with permission.

Day 21 blog entry.

Sunday 29 May 2022: Exit Stage Left

At 10:04 AM, having turned in the keys to the observatory, I left the park office of Killarney Provincial Park. A little sad, a little homesick, a little itchy. 

I would return to noisy neighbours, lots of cars, big box plazas, ground pollution, air pollution, and light pollution.

eastbound on the 637

Thanks for having me. Thanks for following along. Hope you enjoyed the show.

The Astronomer-In-Residence program is coordinated by the Allan I Carswell Observatory (AICO) at York University with the Killarney Provincial Park Observatory (KPPO).

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