Thursday, April 29, 2021

on searching in Stellarium

Tried to help a Stellarium user but he seems very closed.

He complained of many awkward steps and repeated attempts trying to entered position coordinates for stars. I asked why he was doing this. I said that most applications this is awkward. I am even irked using SkyTools. Only in Aladin have I found it to be extremely easy.

I asked for examples of the stars he was trying to find. He shared a couple and I looked them up easily, by a designation, in the main Search window. It seemed almost too easy! I must not be doing it the same way or approaching it the same way as he is. I think I don't have the full context.

He keeps referring to lists but I'm not sure exactly what that means. Is he building lists for observing campaigns. I don't think so. Is he doing research? Possibly.

It came up again a curious remark, this time written in an email. He's really struggling with the different designations for stars and seems to feel newer ones unnecessary. I explained we simply must have new catalogues for all the new discoveries. The Yale Bright Star Catalog has 9,110 stars; the Gaia telescope is cataloguing 1 billion objects.

I encouraged learning other tools like SIMBAD and Stelle Doppie to cross-reference things.

Offered to provide instructions on load more Stellarium star catalogues.

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