Monday, April 19, 2021

listened to Chris and Shane's podcast

Listened to an Actual Astronomy Podcast by Chris Beckett & Shane Ludtke. Episode 110 - New Gear and Observing Reports.

They talked about various matters but Shane then discussed his new exciting observing targets with this small refractor, double stars. And he referred to the new RASC Double Stars program! Cool! Takahashi 76mm and Panoptic and a 2-inch baader mirror diagonal.

He said he found the list to be a "ton of fun." It shows pretty doubles all over the whole sky. He "highly [recommended] it" even for people not in RASC.

two thumbs up

Chris recounted being on the RASC Observing Committee when I first started working on the program. He said the list is "so interesting and so good" and clearly a "labour of love." Chris said "it's really nice."


The mention is between 18:25 and 21:38 in the 1 hour audio 'cast. Incredible. 

Effectively, it's a review.

I'm so touched.

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