Friday, April 23, 2021

made annotated diagrams

Inspired by a Stellarium tutorial video, I made these aids.

I normally don't do this. I normally do not feel that all commands or toolbars shown with their function or action is not useful. But seeing it done elsewhere, I thought it might be beneficial or useful to some. Suit different learning styles...

And it was pretty easy to do (once I decided to not annotate in GIMP--sheesh!).

First up are the buttons in the left toolbar (mostly configuration).

Stellarium toolbar buttons annotated - left

Next, the bottom toolbar (mostly toggles) with descriptions and keyboard shortcuts (for Windows) shown. 

I also note the Oculars toolbar at the top-right.

Stellarium toolbar buttons annotated - bottom


For Stellarium 0.21.0.

Made on Windows but one can substitute Cmd for Ctrl and Option for Alt for the Mac platform.

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