Friday, April 16, 2021

applied more updates to VHC

More updates to my IDEA GoToStar Virtual Hand Controller app...

Foreshortened some of the data boxes. Changed labelling around the pier data box. Added a user confirmation to the Sync button. Added system date/time display. Change Window form title. Similarly, changed the titles of all the message boxes. Relabelled the direction buttons. Up, Down, Left, etc. was redundant. Indicated Declination and Right Ascension. Renamed the position button. Fixed the left and right direction buttons. Now the left button moves to the east with increasing RA. Added code to compare the system and mount times and throw a warning if different by more than 5 minutes. Added a Tracking checkbox. Filling it turns tracking on. This will make it easy to do drifts, when needed. Or, after I issue a Stop command.

Did a bench test of the Sync button. w00t! Looks like it is working correctly. That's huge! 

Virtual Hand Controller evolved

Made a read position code a procedure, so it wasn't buried in the read Position button. Now I called it after any release of a slew button.

Killed Visual Studio at one point. Note to self. Don't rename variables while in break mode...

I was not surprised to discover port conflicts when trying to use Stellarium and my VHC at the same time.

Not done... Re-watched Kelvin Le's video series.

selectable COM port added

Yes! Got the port selector working!

Set up a button enabler, using a trick learned in my Access VBA class!

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