Tuesday, December 15, 2020

turned off the air

All visible. Did you know all the planets are visible right now?

To be clear, around 2 to 3 PM Eastern time, all the official planets are above the horizon, as viewed from Southwestern Ontario. Of course, the Sun turns our atmosphere blue so we can't see anything in outer space. But with Stellarium, I clicked the switch and turned the air off.

planets across the sky

Uranus, Mars, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus.

Comet 11P is in the mix, not far from Mars.

Asteroids, minor planets, dwarf planets—I don't know what they're called now—are to the south, Ceres and Pallas.

Speaking of things not considered planets: Pluto is out there too, to the right of Saturn and Jupiter if I remember correctly... The Moon. Yuck.

Comet 141P is between Neptune and the gas giants.

Saturn and Jupiter are heading toward the amazing conjunction so appear, in this image, merged.

Mercury is awfully close the our star.

Venus is setting.

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