Saturday, December 12, 2020

shared conjunction stuff

My cousin's husband Blaine texted me a few days ago. Haven't seen him for a year. Was surprised to learn his interest in astronomy then...

If you capture any cool pics of the Jupiter Saturn dance, please share.  My plan was to buy my first real telescope last summer.  COVID kind of changed those plans.

Yesterday I replied, apologising for the delay. I shared my wide-field shot from 2 Dec, told him my plans to shoot prime focus. I also shared my quick info video.

He thanked me for the links.

I'm going to send down to my brother in South Carolina too.  He's been keeping an eye on this too.  I'm going to have some questions for you again this spring.  I want to buy a telescope and was hoping [for] a little guidance in that purchase.

Glad to help.

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