Saturday, September 05, 2020

reading paper on triple with planet

I've been reading about the triple star system in Orion with a possible planet!

spinning bowls and plates

I first learned about this in Neatorama, of all places. An astronomy piece by Miss Cellania.

They referred to an article at the LiveScience web site. The article there is entitled Rarest planet in the universe may be lurking in Orion's nose by Brandon Specktor.

That article has links to a paper at Science (published Sep 3) and at the Astrophysical Journal Letters (from May 21). The first appears to be behind a pay wall but the second offers the full paper.

The paper is entitled GW Ori: Interactions between a Triple-star System and Its Circumtriple Disk in Action lead by Jiaqing Bi. From the abstract, the authors state "GW Ori is a hierarchical triple system with a rare circumtriple disk."

There appear to be three dust rings surrounding an AB-C binary where each disc is at different inclination angle from the others due to a tearing effect. This could be explained by a planet in the system.

If all this proves true, it'll be pretty neat. And again shows that there is infinite variety out there. 

This stuff has been the domain of science fiction...


Spotted a post at AstronomyNow on the subject.


I just had a thought. Are we seeing the normal formation of a proto-solar system wherein comets are allowed?


Performer Eric Brenn on the Ed Sullivan show via the CBS Photo Archive.

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