Sunday, September 06, 2020

more Dob progress

Got off my lazy butt and did some more work on the Dobsonian base for the Edmund Scientific.

In fact, the first thing I did was a quick test fit and eyeballing of the cradle against the 6-inch reflector (with the 7½" optical tube assembly). As I expected, I'll have to cut down the inner braces a bit, chamfer them a little. Whew! I did not goof up on my dimensions for the cradle.

Did some test fitting of the laminate to the altitude bearing on the cradle. Gonna be good!

Put the found scrap pieces of 1x4 in the rocker box at the foot of the front plate. Cut down the last good piece of 1x4 for the foot of the rocket box, back, the open end. Corrected a small mistake. Can't tell from an airplane.

Finally, after making a template, I affixed the circular base plate to the rocker box. All but done the rocker.

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