Monday, September 14, 2020

learned CSC goes 84 hours

Ah ha. Not my imagination! Not a glitch either. The Clear Sky Charts are wider.

I found this piece on the News page.

2020 September 11: More forecasts

CMC is now forecasting 84 hours into the future. Formerly it forecast only 48 hours into the future. From 3 to 48 hours, there is forecast data every hour (except for seeing). From 51 to 48 hours into the future, there is data every three hours.

There is currently no information as to how accurate the forecasts are for hours over 48. CMC belives their long range forecast is very good compared to other models. However, one should still assume the astronomy forecasts are most accurate for the first 12 hours.

[They are] migrating the clear sky charts to use the new data from 51 hours to 84 hours. It will take a few days. Expect not all charts to show the new data, and a few bugs until then.

Very good. It'll be nice to see a bit further out. Yes, the more we go into the future, the less reliable the data becomes. Still, I'm happy about this.

Having said that, it has mucked up a few of my weather resource pages, as the graphical elements are wider. And I imagine that will be happening to others too.

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