Wednesday, December 11, 2019

pulled the Struve numbers

So I think I finally figured it out. I have wondered how many entries are in the Struve catalogue (Friedrich specifically).

In lieu of a published list or spreadsheet somewhere, I made my own list. I extracted all the data from the Washington Double Star database, parsed it, and ran some filters in Excel.

And then I pulled the numbers for each one of the Struve family contributors.

STF (Σ), Friedrich - 3136
STFA (ΣI), Friedrich Appendix I - 60
STFB (ΣII), Friedrich Appendix II - 12
STG, Georg - 11
STH, Herman - 7
STT (OΣ), Otto - 601
STTA (OΣΣ), Otto Appendix I - 256

Looks like about 4000 total for the remarkable family.

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