Monday, December 23, 2019

picked up DAMS AHTOT book

Visited the Toronto Public Library Reference Branch and picked up my held book: James Mullaney's Double and Multiple Stars and How to Observe Them. I can't remember if I have read this before; regardless it is timely as I research viewing doubles.

Double and Multiple Stars by MullaneyThis is an old book, published by Springer, copyrighted in 2005. Lots has happened in the last dozen years.

It is a small book, about 120 pages, with 45 figures. There are two main sections. The first deals, briefly, with the history of doubles and attempts to classify them. The second part gets into how to observe doubles including some discussion on telescope types.

Curiously, it is said to be part of a series, the Astronomer's Observing Guides. I might need to dig up more of these, for further research.

Already I'm on guard. From page 9, the author says that most doubles are physical with a small percentage being due to change alignment. I wonder at his source.

I'm keeping notes...

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