Tuesday, December 31, 2019

found December Journal

Has it been officially announced? I must of missed it. But then, I also did not receive my special copy from Edgar. Huh.

Certainly members can download it from the RASC site.

cover for the Dec 2019 Journal

I found the December 2019 issue of the Journal. Lots of great photographs. And an interesting sketch by Ian W.

In my column, Binary Universe, I shared my observations of Scope Nights for iOS. I tested version 2.5.1.


Did I even get a chance to proof it?! I don't think so!

There's a gross error in my article. The incorrect snapshot is shown for figure 5! It should be this:

Scope Nights map showing observatories and dark sky preserves

Figure 5 — The map can also show observatories and dark sky preserves.


I learned that the printed edition was corrected before publication. And a new version of the PDF was put on the server. Purportedly a notice will go out to members...

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