Monday, April 15, 2019

monthly doubles for Apr 2019

Issued my double star "bulletin" for April 2019. It is a short list of suggested targets. I shared this on the RASC Toronto Centre forums. And I post here for all.


It was over one year ago I started trumpeting the unnoticed treasures in our night skies, double stars. Along the way, I emphasised that you can observe them any time, anywhere, regardless of location, Moon light, or city light pollution.

Here's a short selection of doubles which I find interesting and impressive.

staralso known asalternate catalogue(s)
N Hya *H 3 96 (Herschel), HD 100287 HIP 56280, SAO 179968
54 LeoΣ1487, HR 4259, HD 94601HIP 53417, SAO 81583
τ (tau) Leo84 Leonis, STF I 19HIP 55945, SAO 118875
α (alpha) UMaβ1077 (Burnham), DubheHIP 54061, SAO 15384
35 SexStruve 1466HIP 52452, SAO 118449

* There's something odd about N Hydrae. Online resources say this is 17 Crateris. But this suggestion I followed from Sky & Telescope does indeed show a neat pair at 11h 32m 16.40s, -29° 15' 39.7".

Consider adding these to your observing list. Doubles are fun! I look forward to hearing how you make out. Holler if you have any questions.

Blake Nancarrow
astronomy at computer-ease dot com

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