Wednesday, April 10, 2019

black hole observing

Our first direct imaging of a black hole. And not any old black hole. This is the heart of the giant galaxy Messier 87.

direct image of a black hole


Katie Bouman was responsible for developing the algorithms for aggregating the data from the fleet of telescopes used around the world.

I like the wide field shot from the Chandra X-ray telescope to get some context.

the core of M87 in x-ray

You can also see the relativistic jet from the black hole.

Check out the detailed blog entry at the Chandra web site.

I also like the diagrams by Alain Marck.

black hole event horizons at different angles

I think they give a good sense of what we're looking at.

See the NASA article for more info.

See the APOD post for more info.

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