Friday, August 03, 2018

spacey beer

Some Collective Arts cans caught my eye this evening. The Ransack the Universe IPA featured interesting artwork. The beer is made with Galaxy hops from Victoria, Australia and Mosaic hops from Washington state, US of A.

Biddeford album cover by Sun Seeker

One tin appears to show the cover of the Biddeford album by the musical band Sun Seeker based out of Nashville. It is evocative of a galaxy with a bright Moon near by. Sadly the piece does not render well on the can.

Parada Square by Mary Haasdyk

The other tin sported a very intriguing piece by Canadian illustrator Mary Haasdyk entitled Parada Square with a hat-wearing polar bear. It immediately made me think of the fantastic colourful visions of Moebius aka Jean Giraud.

Copyright the respective artists.

The light amber Ransack beer has a intense citrus nose and strong citrus starting taste with classic bitter IPA finish.

Pointed out to Rhonda that CA accepts submissions...

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