Friday, August 10, 2018

resolved network issues

Resolved network issues at the CAO. A strange glitch.

I could not connect to the routers on the site. Tried the GBO and house wireless access points.

11:15 PM. Wondered if the GBO router was causing the trouble so I killed its power.

As the GBO WAP restarted, John Repeat Dance tried to connect.

11:18. No joy.

Was not getting an IP address for my 'droid phone or Windoze computer. Something was wrong with the DHCP server. Steve was having trouble too. I rebooted the main router in the basement.

11:25. When I heard my phone notification for new emails, I knew we were up and running. Steve said his telescope router had just connected to the CAO WLAN.

We were back.

Sent Rhonda a text, at last.

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