Friday, August 10, 2018

arrived CAO

Arrived the Carr Astronomical Observatory. That was a quick trip! About 1 hour 45.

It was dark and I didn't want to disturb the observers or imagers so I drove up the lane with headlights extinguished.

Parking lot was pretty full with vehicles. Hey. Someone was in my spot! No reservations for ex-officios, I guess.

Shut down beside the Chows. Tried to turn off my cabin light but the switch didn't work. Gah. Tried several times. No luck. Tried removing the assembly but couldn't get it out of the roof liner. Oh boy. So I climbed out, as best as possible covered the light with my hand (and head), quickly unloaded the gear from the back seat of the car, and stacked up items beside the back wheel.

Headed to the Geoff Brown Observatory in search of the supervisor Chris. Found the assistant Steve. He was imaging from the Observing Pad by remote in the Warm Room. It was pretty empty in the GBO—I thought it was gonna be busy for some reason.

Headed to the house. Found Chris at the kitchen table. Signed in. Tried to connect to the wifi to ping rho about my status—couldn't connect. Weird. We sauntered outside where the super said I could use the 16-inch if I wanted. Sweet.

Returned to the car. Rolled up the window. Hauled gear to the house and observatory.

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