Saturday, April 15, 2017

rebuilt finder scope again

It had been over 48 hours for the glue to dry/cure on the second cross hair.

I began the reassembly of the finder scope. Oh oh. I could not remember the sequence! Found notes on John's repair blog. The Meade is slightly different than the Celestron but it was enough to get me going. Curved, convex surfaces toward the inside, facing each other. The small, thin glass element went into the ocular section first, flat side toward the output, near to the viewer's eye. I didn't realise it at first but there's a recess to fit the glass. On second try it settled into place. Then the rounded spacer. The thick glass element. Then the spacer tube. And finally the locking ring (with new strands).

finder scope ocular reassembled

Done. Back together. In the right order. [ed: Looking at the photo from the first attempt thought suggests I did it wrong.]

true crosshairs

Had a look. Much better than my first try. The human hairs were smoother. Everything appeared straight. I didn't have big gobs of glue everywhere! And, as Gilles noted, they do seem semi-transparent.

I'm still not convinced the factory-made alignment grooves are perfect. But then, for the normal application of a finder scope, they don't need to be.

Thanks, Rhonda!

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