Monday, April 17, 2017

checked latest version

After the star name work, I looked for new features in Stellarium 0.15.2.

The Astronomical Calculations Window is new to me. It is triggered with the menu or F10 key. It includes four tabs: Positions table; Ephemeris generator; Phenomena calculator; Altitude vs. Time graph. The last panel reminds of the Night Bar in SkyTools.

I like the custom marker feature. Immediately I wanted to label them. Still, it might prove handy when noting new objects or the expected position of comets or asteroids. Or something found and not on the chart.

When did they add the Bookmarks? I like this idea, that you can quickly tag favourite items, or things to look at.

sky settings window from Stellarium with colour buttons

Oooh. I really like the colour paint chips. Super-convenient to change the appearance of lines without diving into the config text files.

Very impressive improvements!

But what are hell are cubewanos?

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