Monday, April 17, 2017

collected more star names

After searching for the missing file (again), I updated my star names table. One key objective was to incorporate the International Astronomy Union's official names, some 225+ entries. There were a couple of surprises there, like Ogma (HD 149026) and Veritate (14 And). Checked things against the wikipedia list. Tabulated entries from the Frosty Drew listing, which accounted for a number of unusual entries not shown elsewhere. Noted (and reported on) issues with SkyTools. Finally, after downloading the latest version of Stellarium, I checked against the popular planetarium app. Whoa. Somebody's been busy! There are now over 650 named stellar objects in Stellarium. Had a quick look at the Yale Bright Star Catalog. Finally, when the dust settled, I found that my list had grown from 600 or so entries to over 940!

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