Saturday, December 17, 2016

like a hypersonic space brick

From a social media suggestion by Katrina, I tuned into the crowd-funded TMRO podcast. I also jumped into the chat room. Pretty neat show. Inspiring in a lot of ways. Enjoyed the spaceflight and astronomy content. Don't know if I learned anything new... curiously, I was familiar with every topic they touched on. And, a few times, I found it a bit... um... distracting?! The multiple panelists and presenters (and even others off-camera) would often interrupt and speak over each other. Occasionally it was just a mish-mash, just noise and people shouting. Full marks for enthusiasm. Interesting personalities. Lots of energy.


Unknown said...

What you saw was the live show; anything can happen. After the fact, it's edited down to make a more polished product on their website or Youtube channel. I first started watching when they did live shuttle launches; they're from Minnesota, but now the live in California; Ben has a job at SpaceX

bla said...

Is Ben the guy who was Skyping in? I think I remember him from a SpaceX podcast event.

Unknown said...

The main guy is Benjamin Higganbotham; he was in the studio on the right. Brown hair, bossying everyone around.
The sky Skyping in was space Mike/Michael Clarke @OTMikhail