Thursday, December 08, 2016

identified (Bradford)

We talked about the planets as we walked to downtown.

I admitted I wasn't clear, at the moment, who was where. Yep. Believe it or not.

Shared my kitchen window observation from a couple of days back. I relayed how some were talking about trying to spot Mercury now. Tricky. Close to the Sun. Very low at the horizon. Against a bright sky.

Spotted Galaxy chocolate bars as we passed through The Flower Merchant.

Over poppers and curd and craft brews, we checked out SkySafari on Ananke. Turned on the ecliptic line. To the west, at sunset? Probably Venus. Super bright and fairly high. Hey. Mars was up and left. And to the east? Bright and somewhat orange. That would have to be the star Capella.

The streets were muffled on the way home. The Moon faded out behind thickening clouds. More snow on the way.

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