Tuesday, December 20, 2016

checked solargraphs

I would have liked to be at the RASC Toronto Centre astrophotography workshop—for solargraphy—at the Yorkville library but I had to work (a weird shift). Fun seeing the posted photos by Ian on Facebook.

They opened their cameras. Some had water damage (sadly). They scanned the photos (which often destroys the original print). And then they corrected them in imaging software.

CAO solargraph raw paper original with water damage

Image from CAO Garage, raw. Remember: it is laterally inverted.

CAO solargraph inverted flipped from garage

Image from CAO Garage, scanned, colours inverted, flipped horizontally. The horizon is clearly visible. This represents the "fall" season so the Sun lines start high and fall down as we head into winter. The CAO MODLs and THO are visible. Focus is good.

CAO solargraph inverted flipped from Observing Pad

Image from CAO Observing Pad. Also succumbed to water damage. Optically corrected, again.

All photos of the photos by Ian Wheelband.

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