Wednesday, September 02, 2015

worse tonight

Wondered if I might spot a deep hued Moon again tonight. Checked Moon set time on the RASC calendar and SkyTools: 10:22 or so.

9:04 PM. Hazy. Diffuse light in the south, like car headlights in a foggy road. Some stars overhead but nothing low. Felt very humid.

Started up the DVD player and projector. Time for a horror movie.

Spotted a meteor, ironically. Fast, westbound. A Perseid? But the angle didn't seem right. Maybe a Cap?

9:25. Terrible conditions. Only three stars were visible in Ursa Minor.

Back to my horror movie.

11:30. The Moon was up but covered by clouds. I could only see a faint glow in the east.

Almost completely clouded over when I went to bed.

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