Wednesday, September 02, 2015

updated BDT to 2.0

Revised the barn door tracker. This is version 2.

Switched to the new bottom plate. Simple rectangle. Same width as the existing top plate (6-1/2" but much longer (12").

The drill press made easy work of the through-the-plate passages and the various screw pilot holes. I made the critical measurement, as per Gary Seronik's instructions, for the bent rod: 6.9 inches plus the distance to the centre of the hinge (3/32): rounded to 7.0". And this time, I countersunk the opposite side to reduce binding.

I wanted the larger plate for a few reasons: to protect the exposed main gear; and to offer space for the finder scope. Even though the finder and bracket aren't that heavy, this design reduces the weight on the top plate. And helps avoid collisions with camera bodies or lenses.

Finally, with the table saw, I made a octagonal spacer with some of the scrap birch plywood. This is to elevate the ball head, which in turn will raise the camera body to, once again, avoid collisions between body and top plate, particularly when trying to aim straight up.

Of course, the whole thing is bigger and heavier now. No longer fits in the corrugated cardboard box I've been using. Oh well.

Ready for aligning the finder!

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