Saturday, September 05, 2015

tuned tracker

Aligned the barn door tracker, after a lot of effort and fiddling.

Realised my mistake after some effort. The finder scope can NOT be on the bottom plate, at least to ensure the finder is colinear with the hinges. Back to the top plate. What would I do with all this space on the new rectangular bottom plate. Huh. Lots of room for the control unit...

Version 3?

Shimmed the finder scope to angle the nose up.

Tried, once again, to tighten the tiny set screw in motor gear. Gah. Very frustrating. Worried about loss, I put a bailing wire piece through the shaft. At least now the gear won't go astray.


Thomas was very interested. Offered it for him to try in the evening. Sent him some of the key building notes. Checked with Ian W to see if there are any kits left.

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