Sunday, June 14, 2015

wrong stand-offs

Attached the 15mm hex stand-offs (received back in May) to the Expanded Scale Voltmeter circuit board and then considered how to mount the board in the red translucent project box. And then suddenly decided I didn't like the arrangement.

I'd rather mount the PCB to the bottom plate, that is the thin part. With these new long stand-offs, the PCB would have to be mounted into the box or on the plate nose first. And that would make calibration adjustments difficult. The PCB would have to be unmounted from the stand-offs to do any changes. Well. Unless I want to drill small pilot holes in the box. Ugh. No. Also, I want to keep water or dew out of the unit, if I'm going to use it in the field.

If I mount the board to the bottom plate, with thin 2mm spacers, facing up, then it will be much easier to calibrate, if need be. OK. Spacers then for the next Digi-Key order...

Regardless, the system works. With the styling yellow jumper and alligator clips from the Digi-Key order back on 17 April, I can easily use the ESV for testing batteries.

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