Saturday, June 20, 2015

planets and doubles (Blue Mountains)

9:00 PM, Friday 19 June 2015. Venus, Jupiter, Moon. Lovely.

10:35 PM. Venus. Put in the zero length adapter.

10:50. Elaine asked about a flyover. Was it the ISS? No... Was travelling north to south. Bright and low. The light sail?!

10:53. Spotted some meteors.

10:56. I was getting good slews, good pointing.

12:27 AM, Saturday 20 June 2015. Viewed 84 Vir. I thought B was obvious in the 27mm with the C14. Very tight, very close. Big mag difference. B in SW direction. Could not see J134304.6+033124.

[ed: I had viewed back on May 22 and logged it in SkyTools. But I had not added it to the ST3P life list nor removed it from the View Again.]

12:50 AM. Viewed Saturn. Could not see Enceladus or Mimas in the C14 or the Dob20.

12:52. M13 was straight up.

1:10. Helped Risa find Saturn.

1:24. Tried for Nova Sgr 2 with the Celestron binos - nothing. Fainter than mag 9.1.

1:35. Conditions: 10 min avg 19.3 km/h; south, due; gusts 29; humidity 66; barometer 1018.1; temp 11.7; current 8.8.

1:47. Viewed a cool triple: orange, red, and blue. In a straight line. Equidistant. PPM 20621. Oriented NW to SE. Faint but colourful. Not far from the Cat's Eye. Inline with GSC 04212-0753; almost perpendicular to TYC 04212-0891 1.

[ed: Might this be a candidate for my double star programme?]

Discussed the imaging issue with Risa and Tony.

A long chat in the Warm Room.

Stayed up to dawn.

Enjoyed a night cap with Tony and Steve.

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