Wednesday, June 10, 2015

transferred list from ST3P to SS+

Holy moley.

I wanted to try importing an observing list into SkySafari Plus, in particular, from SkyTools 3 Pro. As I read the Southern Stars web site FAQ and on-board help notes, I started to think this would not be easy: the SS+ format, while in a text file, is not trivial. And then I spotted a particular line in their sample, "ObjectID=4,0,701." What did that mean? Where would I get the peculiar object number from? Huh.

So, I surfed into the Southern Stars Yahoo!Group (recently joined) and typed "skytools" (with slight guilt) in the Search Conversations field. Ah ha! Found the topic "Exporting Skytools List to Sky Safari 4 on IPAD." Tom D asked if it could be done. Bill T said no. Then pjgivan said, yes it can, using the Export Observing List in SkyTools. Damn! Checked ST3P. Look at that!

No doubt, I read about this feature before but it had no relevance at the time...

Did a test with my edge-on galaxies observing list in ST3P. Transferred the .skylist file to the Android via the John Charles share. [ed: The file needs to be placed in the "Observing Lists" folder on the internal memory drive of the tablet.] Very impressive! Not everything went across but, hey, I'm rather pleased I didn't have to manually transcribe.

Now I'm a happy camper.


And I went the other way. Sorta. I had an edge-on galaxy in a SkySafari list, NGC 4388, that wasn't in my SkyTools list. Added.

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