Monday, June 29, 2015

another quasar

Ian W asked me about a quasar in Draco, if I had ever heard of it. PG 1634+706, at magnitude 14.7, near HD 150141. No... Simultaneously fired up SkyTools 3 Pro and wikipedia. The web page appeared first:
Q1634+706 is a quasar that holds the distinction of being the most distant object usually visible in an amateur telescope.  At magnitude 14.4, it appears star-like, though it is at a distance of 12.9 billion light-years.  The light of Q1634+706 has taken 8.6 billion years to reach Earth, a discrepancy attributable to the expansion of the universe.
Ian thought it "awfully bright for such a distant object." I said, not necessarily. Quasar 3C 273 is between mag 12 and 13.

In ST3P, I checked my visible quasars list. Nothing in Dra. I turned on the constellation borders, showed more star labels, and star hopped. Found it. The app too reported it a quasar. Mag 14.6. But! It was not on my list... Huh! Added.

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