Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Stellarium for NOVA

Delivered the Stellarium software demonstration for the last RASC Toronto Centre's New Observers to Visual Astronomy class, the last class, in fact.

Surprising number of people, given the very poor weather. But that meant for a late start. I killed time by providing extra copies of my The Sky This Month handout and reviewing.

Photo by Sharmin.

The Stellarium piece went fine. Got through all the content I wanted. Used Leslie's projector with the ASUS netbook. Older computer and an older projector. So, not as impressive as I would have liked. Still, people seemed to enjoy it. Good questions. I provided my Quick Reference Card for all. I had plenty of handouts left out.

I didn't realise it at the time but Jesse dropped in. He complimented me later, said he picked up a few tips. I felt honoured. High praise from Sharmin too. Thanks. Many accolades from the participants. You're welcome.

It was late when we wrapped up. And I had a long journey home. Declined on dinner.

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