Sunday, March 22, 2015

new motor installed

Tony sent his GBO roof drive motor refurbishment report.

He replaced the motor. Which we had wanted to do anyway. Wired the new, based on the old. Swapped the pulley. Remounting was complicated by bolt hole misalignment issues. Rerouted wiring. Tested it and it worked fine. Rotation OK, roof moved easily.

Then he monitored the draw during a full open process. 6 amps under load and about 9 amps inrush on start up. But at the outrigger "hump" the motor strained and the current rose. Starting current to reverse near mounting the hump was 14 amps! The frost heaving was definitely causing a problem.

He advised that we not open more than 1/3 of its travel length until the outriggers can be repaired.

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