Monday, March 02, 2015

media files lost

The RASC Toronto Centre might be in trouble. It was learned that the person who developed our new logo media files had them on "a malfunctioning computer..." And it sounds like there was no data back, despite my prompting early in the year. I was anxious. If this is all true, then all the time he spent designing the new logos and all the time we spent reviewing them, might be in jeopardy. I was troubled by the potential waste. And if we want to do new high-quality reproductions, we might not be able to. For new productions, if we want professional quality, we might need to redo the work. The Toronto Centre might be in a difficult position and have to go back to the drawing board.


Unknown said...

Say what? Hopefully they can be recovered.

bla said...

We can hope for the best. But we might want to prepare for the worst.

SciDomer said...

J. has updated his blog with news of having recovered the contents of the drive. It should be confirmed that he has the data you're concerned about.