Saturday, March 21, 2015

calibrated the ESV

Heard back from Peter. He thanked me for pointing out the typo. He also assured me that TIP wouldn't get hot to touch (warm, perhaps) so agreed my configuration looked OK.

I retested with the charged NOCO battery. Now it was putting out 12.3v. I recalibrated the maximum, reading pin 6. Then I tested with my marine gel battery "B". The new upper limit: 12.73v. Marine "A" was 12.66v, marine "C", 12.68v, and marine "D", 12.69v. Good stuff. A good range. Then I connected the trusty old Century booster. Wow! 12.7v. Finally, I tested with Nicole's small SLA from her old booster: 12.1v. Realised, suddenly, I did not need to make a variable power supply.

Cranked the brightness.

Cut the leads. And then considered what I'd need to mount it in my red project box.

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