Friday, January 02, 2015

software and sci-fi

Joined Elaine and Tony for dinner, drinks, and holiday fun.

We wanted to do some observing. It was clear for the beginning of the evening. But after dinner, we were clouded out. Even the DDO called off their tentative tailgate party.

Helped Elaine update her SkyTools. We downloaded the latest version. We updated the current comet, minor planets, and supernova lists. Then we checked Lovejoy's current position and tracked it for the next couple of weeks. We checked the field of view settings. We added a couple of eyepieces. And I created a custom entry for the Canon 60dA.

Later, we stayed warm by the fire stoked by Elaine and watched old movies. The last of which was Rocketship X-M. Funny and yet fascinating.

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