Saturday, January 10, 2015

helped Tony with Canon

Helped Tony shoot some astrophotographs with his new Canon EOS Rebel T5i DSLR.

Too closed in from the backyard. We went to the vacant lot. Horvatin Hill? Cool. Surprisingly dark.

We learned how to manually focus. Weird, the outer ring, turning easily and continuously... I noticed when defocused the shape was perfectly round. [ed: That's a feature: it has a "circular aperture" due to rounded diaphragm blades.] We turned off the Image Stabilisation as well.

Sorted the controls. Holding the Av button to step down the lens. ISO on the top surface right side. Changed the white balance to daylight, from incandescent. Set the image format via the Menu...

Interesting to see that the ISO could go to 12800. I encouraged him to explore the limits, check the noise, at that high level.

The fully articulated screen was nice.

Programmed his intervalometer. Exact same layout as mine. However the screen backlight was white and bright.

I look forward to his shots.

We easily spotted the comet, on the display.


Tony sent over a photo later.

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