Sunday, January 04, 2015

added a fast-moving NEO

Learned of NEO 2004 BL86 today and that it will be moving very quickly by us on Jan 26. While reviewing Mitsky's January 2015 Celestial Calendar, I decided to add 2004 BL86 aka asteroid 357439 to SkyTools. Was rusty at first. Could not recall how to do it exactly. In the end I did a regular search, that is, I used the Designation Search Tool. Entered "2004 bl86" and it popped up. Added it to a new list. Done. Then traced the path.


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SciDomer said...

Make sure that the orbital elements you entered are accurate to at least 8 decimal places. Starry Night only saves these data with 7 decimal places, and for an object orbiting the Sun, close passes by the Earth may be inaccurate by a few thou km.