Saturday, November 01, 2014

RA teardown

Did the Right Ascension axis teardown on the NEQ6.

8:46 PM. Found that the RA main nut has 4 (not 3) grubs. Hello.

A very slight amount of rust at the top of the shaft...

Found the RA taper bearing had more lube. It was clean. No corrosion, none.

The taper race was easily removed. A couple of small metal flakes in the Teflon spacers again.

Slight wear on the main gear. Two white paint marks. Strange.

9:29. Found thread locker on worm brass gear grubs. Also thread locker on worm gear slotted bolt.

Found corrosion on the outside of the outer bearing.

9:58. It looked like there had been contact between surfaces, rubbing on the RA motor casing. Odd?

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