Sunday, November 09, 2014

quiet little work party

We did a bunch of tasks at the CAO. Installed a new (purple) hard disk for security system beta. Insulated its box. Configured the light bulb heating system. Installed a remote temperature probe to monitor the box. Reconfigured system alpha, slightly, in an effort to debug the very dark image. Installed snow depth gauges. Filled holes and cracks and spaces in the garage to reduce snow. Improved the seals on the big garage door. Adjusted the lock. Tried to put the multi-function laser on the print server. Well, the printing worked but not the scanning. Put it back, direct on the house computer. Tested the furnace with portable temperature sensor and new small clamp meter. Did more tidying of the work room, particularly the fasteners. Secured the horse water tap. Verified the pergola tarp was put away. Brought in the LCD flat-screen from the observatory. Set all the clocks to standard time. Fixed a toilet! Pretty good.

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