Thursday, July 12, 2012

SkyTools idea

Greg recently asked people to send him wish list items and ideas for SkyTools. I suddenly remembered an idea as I was working in the planning software. I sent a note to the Yahoo!Group. I explained that I liked the observing status icons and use them for each session, while observing in an evening, seen, view again, not seen, etc. And I also use the logging feature (albeit, without detailed notes). It let me tag items historically or in an archival fashion, mark things on my life list. But I explained that there are times where I've viewed something and definitely saw it, so it deserves to be logged, or logged as "first viewed" but I want to return to. Perhaps this first view was poor to do weather or sky conditions. Or it was the wrong season. So, I asked Greg if it might possible to have a new category in the logged field. As opposed to binary. Logged "done" and logged "to view again." I told him, that in the meantime, I do simply do not log these items at all.

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